30 Cal M19A1 Ammo Can - Blackhawk Green Mil-Spec - New

  • Description - New 30 Cal M19A1 Ammo Can
  • Material - Metal
  • Dimensions: 10" L x 7" W x 3.5" H

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We treat ammo like royalty the second it enters our warehouse. But once it’s in your home, its safekeeping becomes your job. Pamper your ammo, and protect it from the corrosion that follows prolonged exposure to humidity, by putting it up in Blackhawk’s mil-spec M19A1 ammo can!

This .30 cal ammo can is constructed from seam-welded heavy gauge steel. It’s designed to withstand the kind of sustained and repeated abuse that awaits on a battlefield, so it’s more than ready to give you a lifetime of reliable service.

This ammo can’s latch secures its lid tightly against its rim. The lid’s rubber gasket remains supple for a very long time so it can create a watertight seal – just what you need to prevent atmospheric moisture from tarnishing your ammo’s cases and damaging its primers and powder. The top of the lid also bears a hinged handle for convenient carry to and fro!

This can is designed to store 320 loose-packed rounds of 7.62x51 (or 308 Win), but it’s great for storing every other type of ammo as well. You can fit 1,200 loose rounds of 9mm in here, or even 600 rounds of 223 Rem!
  • Manufacturer Blackhawk
  • Manufacturer SKU M19A1
  • Quantity 1
  • Condition New
  • Caliber Not Applicable
  • Length (in.) 10"
  • Width (in.) 7"
  • Height 3.5"
  • Material Steel
  • Ammo Can Caliber 30 Cal M19