Ammo Can Label - 1 Count - 5.56x45

  • Manufacturer - Target Barn
  • Ammo Label - 5.56x45
Stickers seem to play a large part in every child’s life. Take our daughter, for example. The girl doesn’t own a single thing that hasn’t been absolutely plastered in stickers depicting colorful cartoon characters. She has ice princesses, Pacific island princesses, mermaid princesses, and Pocahontas, who we’re comfortable mentioning by name because we don’t think it’s possible for a media megacorporation to trademark an actual historic figure.

“Why let her have all the fun?” we asked ourselves one day. “We can use stickers, too!” That’s why we printed up a massive batch of 5.56x45 labels, because that’s one of the types of ammunition we like to have lying around in ammo cans the most. But we wound up printing several thousand of the things, so we said to ourselves “Hey, you know who might also like these high quality 5.56x45 ammo can labels? Our customers!”

And we dearly hope we’re right. We don’t want our daughter getting a hold of these, unless they make a movie about the 5.56x45 princess in which case she can have them.
  • Manufacturer Target Barn
  • Manufacturer SKU TBACSticker556
  • Quantity 1
  • UPC Barcode R101720195064