Ammo Can Label - 1 Count - 9x19mm

  • Manufacturer - Target Barn
  • Ammo Label - 9x19mm
We recently watched a documentary about people who like collecting things. One guy had a massive assortment of memorabilia from his favorite sci-fi movie, just row after row of little plastic guys holding laser swords. Another guy had some peculiar affinity for bathrooms, and had outfitted his shed with 18 antique toilets that actually flush. We imagine he spends all day drinking coffee so he can get the most mileage out of his porcelain menagerie.

But we are smart, which is why we collect ammo. Ammo has an actual use, you see, and it only seems to appreciate more in value with every passing month. And how do we manage our impressive collection? By heaping it all in a random pile in the corner of our yard? Heavens, no! We sort it in neatly stacked ammo cans so it’s immediately accessible during an emergency or whenever we get bored.

And keeping track of our ammo is easy thanks our special ammo can labels. These self-adhesive labels apply to the surface of any ammo can, so we can tell precisely which ammo it contains. This particular ammo can label says “9x19mm,” which is the metric name for 9mm. We recommend putting it on an ammo can that contains 9mm ammunition.
  • Manufacturer Target Barn
  • Manufacturer SKU TBACSticker9mm
  • Quantity 1
  • UPC Barcode R101720195063