Birchwood Casey 2x4 Nested Steel Target Stand

  • Manufacturer - Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU - 49024

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If the old cartoons have taught us anything, it’s that hammering a stake into the ground is a surefire way to strike oil. But maybe you don’t want your shooting range to become a highly lucrative oil field – maybe you just want to shoot things there. If that’s the case, you want this sturdy and long-lasting steel target stand by Birchwood Casey!

Using this target stand is simple as pie. Simply set it down, plunk a 2x4 into in its center compartment, and then cap the board with a gong hanger. This stand’s parts nest into each other for superior stability and storability. All four corners of the stand have holes, so you can anchor the stand to the earth with stakes if you so please.

Founded in Texas in 1948, Birchwood Casey has earned a sterling reputation for their high quality targets and other firearm accessories. When you buy one of their durable steel target stands you will want to buy another one in the near future – but not as a replacement!
  • Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU 49024
  • Target Type Accessories
  • Quantity 1
  • Length (in.) 20.5000
  • Width (in.) 12.0000
  • Height 6.0000
  • UPC Barcode 029057490244