Birchwood Casey Boomslang AR500 Shooting Gong - Stand Included

  • Manufacturer - Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU - 47330
  • Target Diameter - 9.5”
  • Target Type - Gong

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AR500 – it’s not a new type of rifle that’s 33.3 times better than the AR-15. It’s a type of abrasion resistant high-carbon steel alloy with a higher Brinell hardness number than white cast iron. AR500’s incredible toughness is often utilized for mining equipment and dump trucks, so it makes a great material for an extremely durable target as well!

There’s no better outfit than Birchwood Casey to put AR500 to work at your shooting range. The Boomslang AR500 Shooting Gong features a 9-1/2” diameter target that will shrug off an endless torrent of bullets like its nothing, complete with a highly visible orange center and yellow border. The Boomslang will leave no doubt when you’ve scored a hit, as the 1/2” target makes a resonant “PING” whenever it soaks up a bullet.

The Boomslang is easy to set up, too. This kit comes with the hanging hardware and sturdy, stable stand you need to start shooting right away – just press its feet into the ground with the sole of your boot, and whammo! The Boomslang is rated for rifle rounds up to .300 and .338 caliber. Birchwood Casey recommends standing at least 25 yards away from the Boomslang while you’re shooting at it. (We do too, for that matter.)

Important safety note: The manufacturer recommends maintaining at least 30 feet between you and this target when shooting.
  • Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU 47330
  • Target Type Accessories
  • Quantity 1
  • Length (in.) 27.1250
  • Width (in.) 14.2500
  • Height 1.2500
  • UPC Barcode 029057473308