Blue Target Pasters - 1000 Count - 7/8" Boxed Square Adhesive Pasters

  • Material – Coated label paper with permanent adhesive, Flat Royal Blue color
  • Size – 7/8” square with rounded corners
  • Packaging – Packaged with 1,000 pasters in each dispenser box

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We sell many millions of these pasters each year. The flat royal blue color is more politically correct than shooting on white or black targets. Many local and state police agencies are having targets designed with a variety of non-standard colors for their training. A perfect example is our B-21-E blue silhouette cardboard target, which is an approved target for all law enforcement departments in the State of Florida. These pasters are 7/8" square with rounded corners and permanent adhesive. Like all of our Target Barn pasters, they are produced with a flat non-reflective finish to reduce any glare when shooting at targets in bright sunlight. They are sold boxed with 1,000 pasters in each dispenser carton.
  • Manufacturer Target Barn
  • Color Blue
  • Quantity 1000