Hornady 257 Weatherby Mag Bullets (.257) 60 Grain FSP - 100


Hirtenberger 308 WInchester Ammunition - 240 Rounds of 146 Grain FMJ

This battle package contains 240 rounds of 146 grain Austrian-made Hirtenberger ammunition for sale. Manufactured in the 1970s and perfect for long-term storage, these is arguably the best surplus .308 Winchester ammunition available today.

Labeled with the metric designation Ò7.62,Ó this highly sought after ammunition works according to 308 Winchester specifications. Each military grade round is loaded into a Berdan-primed, corrosion-resistant, brass casing which propels a full metal jacket (FMJ) magnetic lead core bullet.

These rounds work best as practice ammunition, working well on paper targets or for casual plinking. Built with a quality construction hard to find in modern ammo, these rounds offer consistent accuracy at 100, 300, and 500 yards. Perfect as affordable target rounds, this ammunition loads well in all semi-automatic and bolt action 308 rifles.

  • Cost Per Round 35¢ per round
  • Bullet Weight 60 Grain
  • Bullet Caliber 25 Caliber, 25-06, 257 Weatherby Mag
  • Bullet Diameter .257 inches