.321" Hornady 32 Caliber Bullets - 100 Qty - 170 Grain Interlock Flat Soft Point

  • Manufacturer - Hornady
  • Grain Weight - 170 Grain
  • Jacket Type - Interlock Flat Soft Point (FSP)
  • Model # 3210

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Hornady's Interlock bullets are highly accurate and very consistent, as well as lethal. Interlock bullets have a soft point and a copper jacket that is locked into its lead core. These features make it a great round for hunting, as it will have great expansion and weight retention.

This 32 caliber Hornady Interlock bullet weighs in at 170 grains and also has a flat point. This bullet can be used for hunting any medium game in North America, and will drop a deer where it stands if you hit vitals. As far as accuracy goes, only your ability to consistently load and effectively aim will limit these rounds.
  • Bullet Weight 170 Grain
  • Bullet Caliber 32 Caliber, 32 Special, 8mm
  • Bullet Diameter .321 inches
  • Quantity 100