Glock 380 ACP Factory Magazine with Pinky Rest Extension - 6 Round G42 Magazine

  • Manufacturer - Glock Factory
  • Capacity - 6 Rounds
  • Caliber - 380 Auto
  • Firearm Platform - Glock 42 Only

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Get a better grip on your Glock 42 with these extended magazines. These factory mags have a bit of extra polymer material molded below the floorplate to give your hand a better purchase on the weapon. This allows you to absorb recoil and stabilize the gun more effectively, though it also increases the weight and bulk you need to conceal when carrying the gun.

Glock 42 magazines are made of hard polymer with a heat treated metal insert and hold six rounds of .380 ACP ammunition. They are not interchangeable with other Glock mags due to their caliber and size combination.

Enjoy not having to refill your mags every 12 rounds! Don't forget, TargetBarn has quality ammo and targets to use with your mags for a great experience at the range.

  • Magazine Capacity 6
  • Caliber 380 Auto (ACP)
  • Firearms Platform Glock 42
  • Manufacturer Glock
  • Manufacturer SKU MF08833
  • Quantity 1
  • UPC Barcode 764503911576