New 50 Cal Ammo Can - M21A Mil-Spec - Green

  • Color - Green
  • Style - M21A Metal Can
  • Made In China

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This mil-spec ammo can is spacious and versatile. It is by no means limited to containing only 50 Cal ammo for the fearsome M2A1 heavy machine gun -- by our count it can also hold 700 223 Rem/5.56 NATO, 1,000 9mm, or even 3,500 22 LR cartridges. It is made of tough steel, so it’s perfect for transporting your valuable ammo into the wilderness or just down the path to your backyard shooting range. This can’s latch closes tightly, enabling its lid to keep contaminants such as water and dirt from threatening your ammo’s integrity -- that’s key for long-term storage! Its handle is solidly on there as well, so you’ll be able to lug even large amount of heavy cartridges to wherever they need to go without fear of dropping them on your toe. You can never have too many handy ammo cans like this one, and it’s an absolute must if you like investing in loosely packed bulk ammo!
  • Manufacturer unspecified
  • Manufacturer SKU M2A1 OD Green
  • Quantity 1
  • Condition New
  • Caliber Not Applicable
  • Length (in.) 11"
  • Width (in.) 5.5"
  • Height 7"
  • Material Steel
  • Ammo Can Caliber 50 Cal M2A1