White Target Pasters - 40000 Count - 7/8" Boxed Square Adhesive Pasters

  • Material – Coated label paper with permanent adhesive, Flat White color
  • Size – 7/8” square with rounded corners
  • Packaging – Packaged with 1,000 pasters in each dispenser box, 40 boxes per case
We sell many millions of these pasters each year. The flat white color matches typical "no-shoot" targets found in IPSC matches. Also, it matches the color of the target paper on our OPOTA-RQT2 training targets, and the outer border of our B-21-E cardboard silhouette target. These pasters are 7/8" square with rounded corners and permanent adhesive. Like all of our Target Barn pasters, they are produced with a flat non-reflective finish to reduce any glare when shooting at targets in bright sunlight. They are sold boxed with 1,000 pasters in each dispenser carton, with 40,000 pasters per case.
  • Manufacturer Target Barn
  • Manufacturer SKU C400790K0001
  • Color White
  • Length (in.) 12
  • Width (in.) 8.50
  • Height 8.25
  • Quantity 40000