Birchwood Casey 10 Inch Double Hole AR500 Gong

  • Manufacturer - Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU - 47604
  • Target Diameter - 10”
  • Target Type - Gong
Is a shooting range even a shooting range without a big, steel disc to poke at to your heart’s content? The answer is a resounding “no.” Crown your backyard shooting gallery with this high quality 10” gong by Birchwood Casey, the Texan target specialist who’s been at it for over seven decades!

Don’t call this gong steel. It’s made of AR500, a heavy duty steel alloy that’s often used for mining, concrete handling, construction, and other industrial applications. AR500’s high carbon content enables it to avoid high-impact stress even at freezing temperatures, and we’re not sure what it would take to scratch a material with a surface hardness as high as 540 BNH. Long story short, this 3/8” thick gong is built to take a licking and keep on pinging.

This gong features a 3” orange target in its center. Once that paint has worn off, you can add your own artistic touch to it. Birchwood Casey gave this gong two holes, so it’s perfect if you prefer a two-chain stand.

Important safety note: The manufacturer recommends maintaining at least 30 feet between you and this target when shooting.
  • Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU 47615
  • Quantity 1
  • Length (in.) 10.0000
  • Width (in.) 10.0000
  • Height 0.3750
  • UPC Barcode 029057476156