Birchwood Casey Dirty Bird Multi-Color Targets - 10 Reactive Targets - 12" Bullseye

  • Dimensions - 12.25" x 12.25"
  • Manufacturer SKU - 35820
  • Target Type - Reactive Tagboard
Every shooter will walk away smiling after a range trip with these Dirty Bird Reactive bullseye targets! Birchwood Casey, a U.S. manufacturer, has experience dating back to 1948 and is well known for their target, blueing chemicals, and other shooting accessories. They make these Dirty Bird targets using heavy duty tagboard which measures 12-1/4 inches on each side and is easily secured to target hangers or backers.

Each target has a 12-inch bullseye with sectioned zones that all have their own bright coloration. When a bullet passes through the target, its entry hole will light up with a flash of fluorescent pink, green, or orange. This indicates impact in a manner that is not only seen from the firing line but shows just how close each shot was to the center. Each of these packs comes with ten targets for an extended training session or multiple outings.
  • Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU 35830
  • Target Type Reactive
  • Quantity 10
  • Length (in.) 12.25
  • Width (in.) 12.25
  • UPC Barcode 029057358308