Birchwood Casey Resetting Rimfire Target - 1 Spinner Target

  • Manufacturer - Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU - 47022
  • Paddle Diameter - 2.5”
  • Target Type - Spinner

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Are you still resetting your steel target manually, like some kind of barbarian? Stop that at once! It’s the current year, so what you need is Birchwood Casey’s high tech Resetting Rimfire Target!

This steel target apparatus isn’t “high tech” in the sense that it’s easy to break, of course. It’s made of solid and durable steel with a non-welded frame for guaranteed long-term use, and it sits solidly enough on the ground that it easily topple over. This target features five steel paddles, each 2-1/2” in diameter and adorned with a high visibility orange surface. Shoot the first paddle – pting! Shoot the second – ptang! Shoot the third and fourth – pting-ptang! And then, finally, the magic part: Shoot the fifth resetting paddle, and all four of the paddles under it will swing back into position.

Birchwood Casey recommends this innovative spinner target for all rimfire cartridges. Shoot it with your 500 S&W Magnum if you like, but don’t be surprised to find your Resetting Rimfire Target’s paddles in neighboring counties afterward.

Important safety note: The manufacturer recommends maintaining at least 20 feet between you and this target when shooting.
  • Manufacturer Birchwood Casey
  • Manufacturer SKU 47022
  • Target Type Spinner
  • Quantity 1
  • Length (in.) 22.2500
  • Width (in.) 15.5000
  • Height 0.5000
  • UPC Barcode 029057470222