Champion DuraSeal Wobble Target - 8" Ground Target - White and Red

Is your local bowling alley beginning to grow suspicious of you? Then it’s time to stop stealing their bowling pins and invest in Champion’s DuraSeal Wobble Target instead!

Setting up this ground target is easy: Just throw it on the ground. Its bottom-heavy design means it will always self-right itself on any flat surface. The 3D target will also present the unmistakable and highly visible profile of a bowling pin no matter which direction it’s facing.

This wobble target is made of futuristic DuraSeal material. Crafted in the USA and 100% metal-free, DuraSeal material possesses self-healing properties – shoot it hundreds of times, it can take it!

The DuraSeal Wobble Target is so rugged that it can withstand virtually any small arms ammunition. From 17 HMR to 50 BMG, the wobbler takes a licking and just keeps on ticking. Annoy your friends by saying “STRIKE!” every time you land a shot.
  • Manufacturer Champion
  • Manufacturer SKU 42800
  • Target Type Ground Target
  • Quantity 1
  • Length (in.) 8"
  • Width (in.) 6"
  • Height 4"
  • UPC Barcode 076683428004