Champion Splatter Targets - 10 VisiColor Dartboard Targets - 14" x 11"

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Tired of playing darts the old-fashioned way? Then it’s time to down the colorful little pointy things and pick up your gun. Champion's VisiColor Dartboard targets will finally let you play darts the way it was meant to be played: with bullets!

You can certainly use this target just like a conventional bullseye if you like. Its differently colored concentric rings make it identical to the traditional target layout. But if you fancy a little game of skill, go ahead and set up two of these targets side by side so you and your friend can have at it. Each target comes with the rules for two different games, but you can just make up your own if you prefer. It’s not like you’d ever use these fun time dartboard targets for anything other than recreational shooting.

These are Champion’s VisiColor targets. Send a bullet through one and the spot where it penetrated will become highlighted by a bright ring of color, so you’ll be able to assess your performance without flicking a switch, looking through the ‘nocs or squinting. Ten identical targets to a pack!
  • Manufacturer Champion
  • Manufacturer SKU 45825
  • Target Type Paper
  • Quantity 10
  • Length (in.) 14"
  • Width (in.) 11"
  • UPC Barcode 076683458254