Champion VisiColor - 12 Real Life Reactive Paper Targets - 18” x 12” Targets

Targets for the serious hunter! Champion’s VisiColor targets are so realistic you’ll swear you’re taking aim at real live game.

This 12-pack of high-resolution photographic targets is divided among three different animals: whitetail, antelope and black bear. (Four of each.) Each animal’s vital area is clearly illustrated by three colorful fluorescent lines, so you can learn the art of one shot, one kill at your leisure. Each target additionally displays two bullseyes in its corners for fast and convenient zeroing.

These are true reactive targets. Sink a bullet through one and the point of impact will become instantly surrounded by bright coloration. That’s the direct feedback you need when you want to become the deadliest predator in the wild, for sure!

(Imagine what these animals would think if they could understand that their photographs are being used by hunters learning how to more effectively kill them. We doubt they’d take it as an honor, but hey – no one’s asking them.)
  • Manufacturer Champion
  • Manufacturer SKU 45829
  • Target Type Reactive
  • Quantity 1
  • Width (in.) 18"
  • Height 12"
  • UPC Barcode 604544620764