Classic-Airsoft - Cardboard Targets - 50

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  • Manufacturer - Target Barn
  • Target Material – 1/8” Corrugated Board
  • Target Shape – Trapezoid Silhouette
  • Target Size – 12” x 15”

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These classic airsoft targets are an affordable tool for your airsoft, rimfire and centerfire range training. These target are made with quality cardboard and are approximately 12x15 inches in size, and have perforated lines for easy scoring. These targets are smaller than the USPSA classic targets. Don't forget to pick up some Tan Pasters to extend the life of your cardboard targets. These tan pasters are the perfect color to blend right in with you target.

The United States Practical Shooting Association, or USPSA, is the national governing body of one form of Practical shooting in the US. It has over 25,000 active members, and over 400 affiliated clubs, which makes it the largest competitive pistol shooting organization in the United States.

Classic-Airsoft - Cardboard Targets - 50

Manufacturer Competitive Edge Dynamics
Manufacturer SKU .
Target Type Cardboard
Quantity 50
Width (in.) 12
Height 15