IDPA & IPSC Repair Centers - 100 Count

  • Target Material – Kraft color target paper (matches cardboard targets)
  • Target Shape – Simulates IPSC target Alpha/Charlie zones and IDPA Down Zero/Down One zones
  • Target Organization – Not official, but scoring lines match IPSC and IDPA targets
  • Target Size – 12” x 24”

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This multi-purpose target has tons of built-in features. First, it's a repair center to make your cardboard IPSC and IDPA targets last longer. Simply position the paper repair center over the shot up cardboard target and secure it with tan target pasters or patching tape. It's like having a brand new target! Second, this item can serve as a reduced size practice target, approx. 75% of full size. Tape it to a white cardboard backer, and see how easy it is to put your shots in the Center of Mass! Finally, this target has two black one inch squares, one in the center of the head, and one in the center of the chest. The squares are exactly 1", and are great help when sighting in a rifle at 100 yards. This target/repair center is a reduced-size silhouette, approximately 12 inches wide by 24 inches high, printed on kraft brown target paper. It has thin printed scoring lines to designate the Alpha, Bravo, Charlie USPSA official scoring zones, and the Down Zero and Down One IDPA zones. The targets also have two black one inch squares centered in the head and chest. Because these targets are kraft brown color, the Tan Pasters are the correct paster to cover the bullet holes in these targets.
  • Manufacturer National Target Co.
  • Manufacturer SKU C-O-M Trainer
  • Color Tan
  • Length (in.) 24
  • Width (in.) 12
  • Quantity 100