National Target Company Targets - DT-3 Discretionary Command Training Targets - 100 Count

  • Dimensions - 22.5" x 34.5"

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The use for this odd-looking target is not apparent at first glance. It looks like the kind of poster used to teach young children their shapes, colors and numbers – but it is fact a highly instructive training tool for shooters who wish to become more capable of making fast and correct decisions with their handguns.

National Target Company’s discretionary command training DT-3 target (version 2A) is precisely what you need to do the casino drill:

1. Load seven rounds in your pistol; have two spare mags with seven rounds apiece.
2. Stand five yards from your target with your pistol holstered.
3. On the signal, draw and fire one round on shape 1, two rounds on shape 2, three rounds on shape 3 and so on, reloading as needed.
4. After you have fired your 21st shot, add a one second penalty for every missed shot, round fired out of sequence and round fired at wrong shape; par is 21 seconds.

It sounds easy, but those two reloads complicate the casino drill much more than you would suspect. Of course, you can do other training exercises with this handy target. Just having your range buddy call out random numbers, colors and shapes really keeps you guessing. Master the DT-3 target and you just might find it easier to control precisely where you’re aiming when the pressure is really on!
  • Manufacturer National Target Co.
  • Manufacturer SKU DT-3(4 Color)
  • Target Type Paper
  • Quantity 100
  • Length (in.) 34.5″
  • Width (in.) 22.5″
  • UPC Barcode DT34COLOR