Prvi Partizan 7.62x51 Ammunition in Battle Pack - 200 Rounds of 145 Grain FMJBT M80

  • Manufacturer - Prvi Partizan
  • Grain Weight - 145 Grain
  • Muzzle Velocity - 2,838 fps
  • Jacket Type - Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT) M80

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Prvi Partizan’s ball M80 ammunition makes a great choice for target shooting or plinking with an AR-10, SR-25, or any rifle that’s chambered for 308 Win. You would also find that it makes a pretty convincing argument against anyone who’s trying to harm you.

This round features a 145 grain nonmagnetic FMJ bullet. That’s not the kind of expanding bullet you’d want for hunting, but rather recreational shooting or conducting warfare that doesn’t violate the Hague Convention. (We advise you stick to recreational shooting.) This round’s bullet also has a boat tail, granting it a ballistic coefficient in excess of 0.400 and corresponding flat trajectory, improved resistance to wind drift, and boosted downrange velocity.

This is new production ammo, not military surplus. Its brass cases are fresh as money’s breath, and its Boxer primers won’t chip away at your barrel with corrosive residues. It’s also sealed in an airtight battle pack, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for ammo that you can confidently tuck away for a rainy day. (You know, the kind of rainy day that calls for a powerful rifle.)
  • Manufacturer Prvi Partizan
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 145 Grain
  • Bullet Style Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJ-BT)
  • Use Type Range Training
  • Casing Type Brass
  • Quantity 200
  • Caliber 308 Winchester (7.62X51)
  • Manufacturer SKU PPN762BP
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 2838
  • Muzzle Energy 2593
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 8605003814733