ST-2 Paper Targets - 40 Yard Shotgun Sighting - 250 Count

  • Manufacturer - National Target Company
  • Target Type - Paper Shotgun Sighting
  • Range - 40 Yards
  • Size - 45"x35"

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National Target Company's 40 yard shotgun sighting targets are a great tool for sighting your shotgun and establishing how you shotgun patterns with different loads. Whether you are purely a target shooter, or a hunter as well, these targets can help ensure accuracy when it matters most. Order your bulk package of these targets, and have a great range day!
  • Manufacturer National Target Co.
  • Manufacturer SKU ST-2
  • Target Type Paper
  • Quantity 250
  • Width (in.) 45"
  • Height 35"
  • UPC Barcode ST2-250