BT-1 / B-60 "The Thug" Blue Paper Target - Law Enforcement / Self-Defense - National Target Company - 100 Count

  • Manufacturer - National Target Company
  • Material - Paper
  • Size/Shape - 24" x 42"
  • Type - Personal Defense Practice / Law Enforcement Training

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These classic "thug" targets are known worldwide for use in law enforcement training academies and some of the first professional shooting skills. These targets feature a drawn man for realistic confrontation with a revolver in his hand for training positive identification skills for engagements. The target is colored in shades of blue for easy contrast both indoors and outdoors with a highlighted oval in the torso to represent a vital area for ideal shooting. The targets measure 24 inches wide by 42 inches tall and can be used with a wide range of target stands and holders.

The National Target Company (NTC) is the proud owner of the very NRA reproduction license No. 1 and has maintained stringent quality control of their products for over 60 years. NTC is a faithful manufacturer of official targets for IDPA, IPSC, IALEFI, and provides high volumes of targets to academies and trainers throughout the nation.
  • Manufacturer National Target Co.
  • Manufacturer SKU B-60
  • Target Type Paper
  • Quantity 100
  • Width (in.) 24
  • Height 42
  • UPC Barcode B-60-100