Arsenal 7.62x39 Ammunition - 1000 Rounds of 122 Grain FMJ

  • Manufacturer - Arsenal
  • Grain Weight - 122 Grain
  • Muzzle Velocity - 2,396 fps
  • Jacket Type - Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

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Global Ordinance is veteran-owned and headquartered in Florida – two hallmarks of a company we like to support. But they actually import their 7.62x39 ammunition from Bulgaria. There it is manufactured by Arsenal, the European country’s oldest arms supplier. In other words, this is steel-cased Kalashnikov ammo that doesn’t come from Russia.

Steel is a much cheaper metal to manufacture than brass, and that’s reflected in this ammo’s price tag. Steel cases are not suitable for handloading, and their rigidity allows more fouling of the action, but AK-47 rifles love them all the same.

Like Russia, Bulgaria does load bi-metal jacketed FMJ bullets. If your range requires a magnet test, this ammo is sure to fail it. But arsenal’s ammunition is of higher quality than you’re accustomed to if you’ve only fired Barnaul, Tula or Wolf. These rounds’ non-corrosive Berdan primers are highly reliable and sealed against water infiltration, as are their case mouths.
  • Manufacturer Arsenal
  • Condition New
  • Bullet Weight 122 Grain
  • Bullet Style Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)
  • Use Type Range Training
  • Casing Type Steel
  • Quantity 1000
  • Caliber 7.62X39
  • Primer Type Berdan
  • Muzzle Velocity 2396
  • Muzzle Energy 1555
  • Magnetic Yes
  • UPC Barcode 850003223254