Hornady American Gunner 9mm Ammunition - 25 Rounds of 115 Grain XTP

  • Manufacturer - Hornady
  • Grain Weight - 115 Grain
  • Muzzle Velocity - 1,155 fps
  • Jacket Type - eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP)
The pride of Nebraska! Hornady has developed one of the most reliable jacketed hollow point projectiles on the market, and they loaded it in this 9mm ammo so you can defeat the threat. Harness the power of the eXtreme Terminal Performance JHP!

Smooth feeding - the product of this ammo’s high-quality brass cases, as well as the XTP’s fully jacketed rim which doesn’t deform until penetration of the target.

Consistent accuracy - the product of this ammo’s expertly paired primers and powder, as well as the XTP’s rotationally stable swaged lead core and virtually perfect jacket concentricity.

Reliable expansion - the product of the XTP’s drawn copper jacket, which starts out thick and becomes progressively thinner toward its tip, as well as the serrations surrounding its rim; up to 1.5x expansion!

Whether you’re firing a deringer, revolver, pistol or carbine, you can trust American Gunner label ammo to perform to your expectations. Order as many boxes as you want today with fast shipping!
  • Manufacturer SKU 90244
  • Primer Type Boxer
  • Muzzle Velocity 1155
  • Muzzle Energy 341
  • Magnetic No
  • UPC Barcode 090255902440
  • Cost Per Round 84¢ per round