Federal Premium Law Enforcement 45 ACP Ammunition - 1000 Rounds of 230 Grain Hydra-Shok JHP

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  • Manufacturer - Federal Premium Law Enforcement
  • Grain Weight - 230 Grain
  • Muzzle Velocity - 900 fps
  • Jacket Type - Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP)

Federal 45 ACP Hydra-Shoks - 1000 Rounds of 230 Grain Hydra-Shok JHP Ammo

Trusted by law enforcement agencies across the country, Federal's Hydra-Shok JHP is top-of-the-line, American-made duty ammo. Also, a perfect option for personal protection and conceal carry, this is some of the most technologically advanced ammunition available for civilian use.

You get 1000 rounds of accurate and efficient stopping power. These rounds feature FederalÕs Hydra-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) projectiles. Designed with a unique center post for controlled expansion and a notched jacket to punch through tough barriers, this 45 caliber ACP ammo has excellent terminal performance. The deep penetration these jacketed hollow points achieve satisfies even the FBIÕs exacting standards.

Each 230 grain copper jacketed lead hollow point is loaded into a fully reloadable nickel-plated brass casing with boxer primers. Featuring increased muzzle velocity and energy compared to many other popular loads, these rounds leave the muzzle at 900 feet per second with an energy or 414 foot pounds. When it comes to precision, ballistic presentation, and overall stopping power, Federal Premium Law Enforcement 45 ACP ammunition is the ideal option for self-defense.

Federal Premium Law Enforcement 45 ACP Ammunition - 1000 Rounds of 230 Grain Hydra-Shok JHP

Manufacturer Federal
Condition New
Bullet Weight 230 Grain
Bullet Style Jacketed Hollow-Point (JHP)
Use Type Self Defense
Casing Type Nickel-Plated Brass
Quantity 1000
Caliber 45 ACP (Auto)
Manufacturer SKU P45HS1G
Primer Type Boxer
Muzzle Velocity 900
Muzzle Energy 414
UPC Barcode 50029465088656
Cost Per Round 65.0¢ per round