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Proof That Idaho Produces More Than Potatoes

It Started With Primers

Cascade Cartridges Inc. (CCI) was founded in 1951 by Richard "Dick" Speer founded CCI in 1951. Dick is the brother of Vernon Speer, the founder of Speer Ammo, which you’ve probably heard of too.

In the case of CCI and Blazer Brass, Dick chose Lewiston, Idaho as the headquarters for his new primer factory. He got one of his first tastes of entrepreneurial success when the United States Armed Forces contracted his new company to produce primers for 45 ACP and 30-06 Springfield ammunition.

Upon the completion of his military contract, Dick returned to his original focus: supplying component primers to the civilian market. CCI began producing loaded ammo with the introduction of its Mini-Mag brand in 1963. By the time he retired in 1967, Dick had grown his company into a major American ammo manufacturing concern, which currently produces a wide range of rimfire and centerfire cartridges.

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Cascade Cartridges Inc. (CCI) in 1951 (Blazer brand introduced in 1981)
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CCI Introduces Blazer

CCI encountered two challenges during the late 1970s: rising costs of materials and competition from foreign manufacturers, both of which made brass increasingly difficult to obtain. The company’s leadership determined to develop a cheaper 38 Special cartridge – one that didn’t require nearly as much of an alloy that is laden semi-precious copper.

After some considerable research, CCI developed a process for heat-treating aircraft-grade aluminum so it could serve as an alternative metal for making ammo cases. Rather than associate its established brand with such a novel type of ammo, CCI elected to assign it a new name: Blazer.

Blazer label aluminum-cased ammo became a big hit among budget-conscious American firearm enthusiasts. CCI gradually introduced new aluminum-cased cartridges in addition to 38 Special. Eventually, the Blazer brand began appearing on traditional brass-cased ammo as well: Blazer Brass, which is also loaded with high-quality full metal jacket (FMJ) projectiles that are ideal for training and plinking.

Today, the Blazer brand continues to stand for reliable Idaho-made range and target ammo. CCI continually revolutionizes primer technology, and Blazer ammo only becomes better for it. Whether you purchase economical non-reloadable aluminum-cased ammo – or invest in costlier reloadable brass-cased ammo – you can always expect great value whenever the box reads Blazer.

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