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Founded over two centuries ago, Remington is not only America’s oldest firearm manufacturer, but very likely her oldest factory that still makes its original product.

Remington has also created and adopted more cartridges than any other manufacturer on earth. Their cultural impact is so deep, in fact, that they are one of only two manufacturers to have their firearm featured on a national flag -- Guatemala’s. (The AK-47 is depicted on the flag of Mozambique.)

Remington's Start

Eliphalet Reminton II founded the company in 1816. At age 23 he entered a shooting competition with a flintlock rifle that he had designed and created himself. Young Eliphalet came in second place, but the other contestants were impressed by his craftsmanship. They ordered so many rifles from Eliphalet that he could begin making them full-time. Eliphalet moved his operation to Ilion, New York by 1828, where Remington still manufactures their firearms to this day.

The Remington family sold E. Remington & Sons to the owners of Union Metallic Cartridge and Winchester Repeating Arms in 1888, who renamed it Remington Arms Company. At this time Remington’s ammunition plant was relocated to Bridgeport, Connecticut so it could be near its new sister companies. In 1912 Remington and Union Metallic Cartridge merged to form Remington UMC, a line of ammunition offered to this day.

Remington at War

Remington produced many arms for Allied powers during the onset WWI, including M1907-15 Berthiers, Pattern 1914 Enfields, and Mosin-Nagants for France, Great Britain, and Russia respectively. Once the U.S. entered the fray in 1917 Remington began producing M1917 Enfield rifles. They also began development of the Pedersen device, which permitted modification of the M1903 Springfield into a semi-automatic rifle.

WWI left Remington in rough shape financially, however. They had produced a great many rifles and their ammunition on contract for Russia, but Russia did not have the funds to make good on it -- and the Bolsheviks who eventually took over ignored the contract completely. Fortunately the U.S. government stepped in to buy the surplus and save Remington from financial ruin. At this point Remington resolved to focus on the civilian market, which they deemed more stable.

DuPont purchased Remington during the Great Depression. Perhaps smelling what was blowing in from across the seas, the U.S. Army in 1940 wished to increase its ammunition supply. Remington and DuPont thus built the government-owned Lake City Arsenal (now the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant) as well as four other plants. Remington oversaw these factories’ operations during WWII, and also mass produced the famous M1903A3 Springfield rifle in that time as well.

Ammo Production Moves South

Remington relocated the entirety of their ammunition production to their plant in Lonoke, Arkansas in 1986. The 1,200 acre facility includes 14 miles of steam lines, its own self-contained hospital, and even enough wilderness that employees can hunt for deer there (in their free time). Remington does it all in Lonoke: Lead ingots and copper coils go in, and fully packaged high quality ammunition goes out. As of 2016 Remington had more than 1,100 full-time employees at their ammunition plant, and produced more than 2.5 billion rounds of ammunition.

Superlative components, a state of the industry production facility, unerring quality assurance protocol, and engineers who continually develop superior loading machinery and practices -- these are the potent combination of factors behind Remington’s supremacy over the American ammunition market. Considered the “gold standard” by many, Remington’s ammunition is poised to let the old company dominate for many centuries to come.

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1867 (Union Metallic Cartridge Co.) Remington Merger in 1912
Eliphalet Remington
Lonoke, Arkansas
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Pistol, Rifle, Rimfire, Shotgun
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Golden Saber, HTP, Hog Hammer, UMC

Remington offers a staggering selection of labels that accommodate every conceivable shooting application. To name only a few:

Rifle Ammo Lines

Core-Lokt: Billed as providing “the deadliest mushroom in the woods,” Core-Lokt ammunition features a time-tested soft point projectile that couples lethal expansion with the weight retention that a deep wound channel demands.

Premier AccuTip: An AccuTip bullet’s jacket, polymer tip, and sleek profile all come together to deliver pinpoint accuracy out of a hunting cartridge.

UMC: By exclusively offering cartridges loaded to America’s favorite specifications, UMC ammo offers exceptional value without doing away with great quality.

Premier Match: Unparalleled for target and competitive shooting, Premier Match loads combine match grade bullets with expertly drawn and tapered brass shell casings and consistent propellant charges and primers.

Hog Hammer: Pigs’ thick hides are no match for Remington’s Hog Hammer line of ammunition, which features Barnes’ incredibly tough all-copper TSX projectiles.

Managed Recoil: Tired of recoil jarring your shoulder and throwing off your aim? Reduced Recoil rounds halve kick without sacrificing a flat trajectory and lethal terminal performance.

Ultimate Defense Rifle Bonded: With the specially bonded core and jacket of its Core-Lokt bullet, an Ultimate Defense Rifle Bonded round performs miraculously well on the FBI test protocol’s criteria for both penetration and expansion.

Subsonic: New in 2019, Remington’s Subsonic ammunition delivers lower muzzle velocities for softer reports, making it an indispensable companion to any suppressed firearm.

Remington Handgun Ammo

High Terminal Performance: True to its name, the HTP label offers JSP, JHP, and SJHP bullets that deliver the accuracy and devastating terminal effect necessary to neutralize a threat in no time flat.

Golden Saber: With its unusually tough brass jacket, a Golden Saber round’s bullet is able to consistently penetrate to and expand within the depths where vital organs lie. Now available in the new and improved Golden Saber Black Belt label featuring the weight retaining Mechani-Lokt belt!

Performance WheelGun: Ideal for shooters perfecting their gunslinging skills, Performance WheelGun ammunition allows both antique and modern revolvers to perform exactly as they are designed to.

Shotgun Ammunition Lines

Heavy Dove, Pheasant, and Game Loads: Whether you’re after evasive game birds or wascally wabbits, Remington’s specialized hunting shells are the optimal addition to your wild excursion.

HyperSonic Steel: Remington compensates for steel’s lesser density than that of lead with velocity enhancing features including a hotter propellant charge and Xcelerator wad technology. HyperSonic Steel loads let you ground waterfowl with ease and without contaminating sensitive wetlands!

Premier TSS: Ultra high density tungsten shot delivers the whopping punch downrange that you need to drop Mister Tom Turkey right where he stands.

Gun Club Target Loads: Serious competition at the clay range calls for Gun Club Target Loads -- a combination of hard and tight grouping shot, Premier STS primers, Power Piston One-Piece Wads, and clean burning propellant.

Slugger: With its variety of shells suited for every kind of shooting, Remington’s Slugger label is the closest you can get to a rifle’s performance out of a shotgun. Perfect for hunting wherever rifles aren’t permitted!

Express Buckshot: Great accuracy, tight patterns, and an overwhelmingly powerful torrent of buck -- whether you’re hunting, defending your castle, or simply destroying produce, Express Buckshot is where it’s at.

Remington Rimfire

22 Subsonic: Finally, a 22 LR cartridge that doesn’t produce a report capable of shattering glass in neighboring zip codes! 22 Subsonic is a great way to plink and target shoot less conspicuously.

22 Thunderbolt: Remington’s best-selling cartridge of all time, a 22 Thunderbolt load offers economical yet reliable performance capable of any accomplishing feat you could hope to with your rifle or handgun.

22 Golden Bullet: Got a squirrel epidemic? With its smooth cycling, high accuracy, and disastrous terminal effect, no rodent can withstand a single shot from a 22 Golden Bullet cartridge.

Premier Rimfire: Optimized to enhance the performance of 17 HMR and 22 WMR rifles, the Premier Rimfire label offers the accuracy of a Premier AccuTip in a rimfire-sized package.

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