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Good fences make good neighbors. But when your neighbor happens to be North Korea, whose conduct has fallen somewhat short of neighborly in recent years, good ammunition is a necessity as well. That’s the theory behind PMC Ammo, whose mission is to make the nation of South Korea self-reliant for all their ammunition needs.

PMC in History

PMC traces its roots back to 1968 with the establishment of the Poongsan Corporation. Poongsan specializes in the fabrication of non-ferrous metals such as copper and titanium, and currently manufactures a variety of products ranging from roofing to coin blanks. They were a natural choice to take charge of South Korea’s ammunition plant in the town of Angang in 1973, which was subsequently named “Precision Made Cartridges” -- or PMC for short. Poongsan has since taken over operations at another plant in the city of Busan.

What Makes PMC Ammo Good?

PMC utilizes what they call a “vertical integration philosophy.” They make every component for their ammunition out of high grade raw materials, and they even operate their own brass mill. This not only affords the Korean manufacturer complete control over their products’ quality, but enables them to operate totally independently of other manufacturers. (They’re certainly not importing ammunition components through South Korea’s northern border, after all.)

PMC pays especial care to their products’ quality -- it simply will not do if their howitzer rounds fail during some future effort to keep their border intact. In addition to their own qualified experts’ supervision, PMC engages specialists from the international certification agency Bureau Veritas to oversee their quality control. All PMC sporting ammunition is produced according to SAAMI standards, with the exception of some U.S. Mil-Spec 5.46x45 and 50 BMG cartridges. PMC rifle and pistol cartridges are reloadable thanks to their brass shell casings and non-corrosive Boxer primers.

PMC almost certainly hoped from the start that their pervasive attention to quality would earn their entry into the international commercial market. It certainly did, and their milsurp overruns soon went for sale in the U.S. PMC’s offerings are by no means limited to military surplus any longer, as is best evidenced by their 20 Gauge shotshells -- the South Korean military is not preparing for a quail invasion.

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1975; Vlasim, Czech Republic
Poongsan Corporation
Buson & Angang, South Korea
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PMC Bronze, X-TAC

What PMC Should You Shoot?

Today PMC offers a variety of centerfire ammunition to suit every application. Their Bronze label stands for affordable range training, but it in no way betrays their commitment to consistent quality. Their eRange label features technology that virtually eliminates airborne lead and other heavy metals, making it ideal for training in poorly ventilated indoor ranges. Their SFX cartridges are loaded with rapidly expanding jacketed hollow point bullets for both self-defense and hunting. PMC’s X-TAC Match line of ammunition, which features American manufacturer Sierra’s target shooting projectiles, provides benchrest accuracy for long-distance and competitive shooters.

If South Korea had only exported its delicious cuisine to the U.S., it would have been enough. That they also send us versatile and high quality PMC ammunition makes us very thankful!

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