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Made in Brazil. Fired in Bulk!

Magtech got its real start in 1926 when Costabile and Gianicola Matarazzo founded Fábrica Nacional de Cartuchos e Munições in São Paulo, Brazil. The Italian brothers quickly earned a reputation for the high quality of their hunting and target shooting ammunition, and sold their operation to Remington Arms and Imperial Chemical Industries in 1936.

Remington and Imperial renamed their new holding Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), which is now its own massive, stand-alone entity. CBC began selling the ammo produced at their thee Brazilian factories under the Magtech label in 1990, and purchased Metallwerk Elisenhütte Nassau in 2007 and Sellier & Bellot in 2009.

Magtech Ammo Today

Magtech ammo is currently sold in over 50 countries, as well as to more than 20 law enforcement agencies in Asia, Europe, and South America. Magtech’s distribution center just outside of the Twin Cities gives them the presence they need to amply supply the American shooting market.

Magtech’s ammo is consistently high quality. They achieve this by utilizing state of the art equipment, producing all of their components in-house from raw materials, and closely supervising assembly and quality assurance. Their ammo is furthermore affordable, which they accomplish by manufacturing it in such massive quantities -- together CBC’s subsidiaries produce more than 1.5 billion rounds of ammo every year!

What to Shoot from Magtech

Magtech produces a staggering variety of ammunition to suit virtually any application. They offer several 22 LR cartridges, every centerfire round from 25 ACP to 500 S&W Magnum, and all major shotshells with the exception of 10 Gauge. Their Clean Fire label offers rounds with total metal jacket bullets and lead-free primers for safer indoor range training, and their First Defense line of ammunition is available with solid copper hollow points that deliver virtually perfect weight retention. Magtech even offers several cartridges that are specialized for cowboy action shooting.

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1990; Minnesota
C.B.C. Glocal (Brazil)
Ribeirão Pires, São Paulo, Brazil
Ammo Made
Pistol, Rifle, Rimfire
Popular Lines
Guardian Gold

For consistency, quality, and affordability, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic blue and white box. Find in-stock Magtech for sale at cheap prices with bulk loads offering you the most bang for your buck.

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